Become a Driving Instructor with our ORDIT Instructor Training Sessions.

Why should you choose to become a driving Instructor?

  • Becoming a driving Instructor, gives you the flexablitity to work around your daily needs.
  • Driving Instructors who are fully booked can earn over £30K a year.
  • Meeting new people whilst helping them to gain a valuable life skills.
  • Seeing your pupil pass as a result of your instruction can be a very satisfying.

Designed and delivered by DVSA Grade A qualified experienced trainers, our course is based around a culture of client centred learning, utilising the latest interactive techniques, this is why our driver training is structured to suit your individual needs.

All your professional driver training is carried out by Lynne Fitzharris a former DVSA Assistant Chief Driving Examiner, in association with Dan Ison. Lynne was responsible for the design of the ADI Standards Check, she also carried out the training and development to all ADI - DVSA examiners across the country. Dan is a highly experienced ORDIT driving instructor trainer and has completed advanced driving tests to the highest level, including the DVSA Cardington Test at Grade A.

Our ADI learning is session based, and provides the most up to date educational approaches, to ensure you have the best chance of qualifying. We aim to provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to become a qualified, modern, confident and skilled Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Changes to ADI part 3 and Standards check during COVID-19. Originally produced with DVSA

Quality Driving Instructor Training Sessions

We provide an innovative, unique training package to suit your personal learning style, experience and knowledge. Interactive sessions are mixed with in-car coaching to give you a comprehensive and personal training experience.

Training to become a driving instructor is hard work and takes commitment, motivation and time. We understand this and, with our experience as course providers, we are in the best position to give you the support you will need to succeed in becoming a driving instructor.

When you have qualified, you will reap the benefits and find that a job as a driving instructor, is rewarding, that enables you to reach your full potential.

  • Standards Check - Grade A - (51/51)