About Lynne

Lynne is a DVSA Ordit registered trainer (Official Register for Driving Instructor Trainers).



Lynnes - Background:

I would like to share some of the major projects that I have initiated during the 27 years of working with DVSA, in particular the last 15 years as an Assistant Chief Driving Examiner.

  • National Standard for Driver and Rider Training

    I was part of the team that wrote and implemented the National Standard for Driver & Rider Training (NOS). This training manual sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to be an effective trainer.

  • Client Centred Learning (CCL) - Training Programme for all ADI Examiners

    I designed and delivered a CCL training programme at DVSA’s main training establishment in Cardington, a ‘Train the Trainer package’. My team and I continued to roll out a bespoke CCL training programme to all DVSA examiners across the country involved with assessing the ADI Part 3 Instructional Ability Test and Standards Check.

  • ‘The Cardington Special Test’

    I designed the form and assessment criteria for the Cardington Special Test. The test is open to ADI’s and is recognised as prestigious by the ADI Industry, providing a certain amount of kudos for the ADI’s who pass it. The forms and criteria which I designed are currently still in use.

  • Modernising Driver Training – The New Standards Check

    The old check test did not cover all the competences introduced by the National Standards. The assessment form did not help an ADI to understand their strengths or what development was required. I was tasked in modernising this part of the ADI examination process.

  • New Standards Check

    I led the team that was responsible for both the ‘content’ and ‘design’ of the new competency-based Standards Check. I designed and rolled out a unique training programme across England, Scotland and Wales to those examiners in DVSA responsible for assessing the ADI Part 3 and Standards Check.

    There are over 40,000 ADI’s on the register and DVSA conduct over 12,000 Standards Checks per year. My area of responsibility was to ensure DVSA examiners delivered a consistent and uniform test built around the new Standards Check. I also was responsible for carrying out Standards Checks on those ADI’s who, on two previous attempts had failed, (3rd and final).