Pay as you go - Your road to a pass - Grade 'A'

ADI Part 2 Advanced Driving Session: 2 hours

£50 PH

These are 2 hr sessions for people who prefer to train on a part time basis. Designed for Candidates who are preparing for the ADI Part 2 or having trouble passing the Part 2 examination. Integrated training will also be introduced at different stages of learning that are necessary for the Part 3 examination. These sessions cater for Individual needs.

ADI Part 3 Instructional Ability Session: 2 hours

£50 PH

These are 2 hr sessions for people who prefer to train on a part-time basis. Designed for candidates who are preparing for the ADI Part 3 or having trouble passing the part 3 examination. Training is based on client centred learning and focused around the 17 levels of competence that are grouped into 3 main categories: lesson planning, risk management, teaching and learning strategies. These sessions are structured to cater for individual needs.

ADI Standards Check Training: 2 hours

£50 PH

This course is for ADIs who are preparing for standards check, have failed their standards check or simply want to achieve a higher grade. You will be assessed on your delivery of instruction to the pupil based on the criteria set out in the National Standard for Driver Training. The Check is conducted with a DVSA examiner observing the ADI delivering a 45-minute lesson. I can familiarise you with the assessment form SC1 and the areas being assessed and consider whether the instructional techniques you use will allow you to meet and demonstrate the competences.


£50 PH

Would you like to join ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers)? Would you like to continue teaching learner drivers but want to update your existing skill sets? Perhaps you want to start your own franchise and train your own PDI’s? Then these sessions may be for you.

Discount available when block booking full course in advance* - Call to discuss

* any agreed block bookings are strictly non refundable.