On-Road Driving Instructor Training Short courses

Standards Check Development Service. 4 hours


The ADI standards Check is a legal requirement for all ADI’s. You must take at least one Standards Check in every four-year period of registration as an ADI. You will be assessed on your delivery of instruction to the pupil based on the criteria set out in the Standards Check form SCI and the National Standard for Driver Training. The National Standard sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to be an effective driver trainer. The Standards Check assesses how well you meet the Standard. The aim of the Standards Check is to allow the DVSA to assess an ADI’s ability to instruct and to assess whether their instruction helps a person to learn in the most effective way. The Standards Check is conducted with a DVSA examiner observing the ADI delivering a normal one-hour lesson. We can familiarise you with the assessment check form SC1 and areas being assessed and consider whether the instructional techniques you use will allow you to meet and demonstrate the competences.

One Day –Classroom part 3 / Standards check development


This intensive one-day classroom-based course, sets out the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to deliver an effective lesson to your pupils. The course material, sets out the instructional skills required to pass your Part 3. The ‘key’ to delivering a good lesson is about instructors delivering agreed syllabuses using a ‘client-centred’ approach. This course is a must for PDI’s, orADI’s who have recently failed, or require a higher grade on their Standards Check.

Practical driving sessions. 2 hours


These are 2 hr sessions for people who prefer to train on a part time basis, or for those experiencing difficulty passing the ADI part 2 examination. These sessions cater for Individual needs.

Practical instructional sessions. 2 hours


These are 2 hr sessions for people who prefer to train on a part-time basis, or those experiencing difficulty passing the ADI part 3 examination. They are structured to cater for individual needs.

Advanced Driving/Cardington special test. 2 hours


These are 2 hr sessions for qualified ADI' s who wish to prepare for Advanced Instructor qualifications. To pass Cardington at a grade “A” very specialised training is essential. These two-hour lessons are structured to individual needs.

ADI part 1 Theory and Hazard Perception Training and Module 1 integration.
Taken individually £500. Free if full course fee is paid in advance.


Part 1 is a PC based multiple choice ADI theory and hazard perception test similar to the current test for learner drivers but you are required to answer 100 questions (not just 50) on a broader set of subjects and you need to score 57 as opposed to 44 on the hazard perception part. We integrate our Module 1 Syllabus which includes – Online, Practical Car and Classroom sessions. The goals for driver education, self-evaluation , learning styles, the learning matrix and what makes a great instructor? - We also help you understand client centred learning – the part 3 assessment form and delivering a great lesson.

ADI part 2. Driving Technique and Integrated Training. Module 2. Taken individually


Students usually require approximately 21 hours of “in car” training. When you have passed the Part 1 theory examination, arrangements are then made for the practical “in car” advanced driver training. The aim of this module is to cover specific training for the Part 2 examination. Integrated training will also be introduced at different stages of learning. In other words, understanding and applying the practical elements from Module 1, that are necessary for the Part 3 examination.

ADI part 3. Instructional Ability Test. Module 3. Taken individually


Students usually require approximately 48 hours of “in car” training to reach the required standard. What you’ll be assessed on during your ADI part 3 test: Your examiner will be looking for evidence that you meet the national standards for driver and rider training .You’ll be marked on 17 high level areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories: lesson planning, risk management, teaching and learning skills. The 17 high level areas of competence are listed in the ADI Part 3 Test Report Form which the examiner will assess during your test. Look at these before you take your ADI part 3 test, so you know what the examiner will be assessing. Part 3 - Module Content: Requirements of the Test – Part 3 Form – Understanding DVSA’s Assessment Criteria - National Standard for Rider and Driver Training. Lesson Plans, Completion of learning log – Knowledge, understanding and application of the 3 broad or ‘‘high’ areas of competence.

Discounted full course price if all modules paid in advance:


Course breakdown and Delivery Method:

Module Whats involved Charge
Module 1 Integrated Training with Modules 2&3 No charge
  One day - Integrated training. --
Module 2 Driving Technique & Integrated Training £630
  Training will be delivered in – 3-hour blocks = 21 hours total = 7 Sessions --
Module 3 Part 3 Instructional Ability Test £1550
  Training will be delivered in – 4-hour blocks = 48 hours total = 12 sessions. --