About Dan



Dans - Background:

  • Institute of Advanced Motorists - full member by Exemption.

    I am a highly Advanced Driver with over 20 years’ experience teaching and training experience to the highest standards in both the UK and in the USA. Currently part of small group of DVSA instructors to hold both the DVSA Cardington Grade “A” for advanced driving and a DVSA Grade “A” for Instructional Ability. I am recognised as one of the country's most advanced drivers and awarded full membership of the Institute of Advanced Motorists by exemption.

  • The Police Foundation - Roadcraft Trainer

    All elements of roadcraft covered to certificate level: Becoming a better driver. The system of car control. Information, observation and anticipation. Anticipating hazards in the driving environment. Acceleration, using gears, breaking and steering. Manoeuvring at low speed. Maintaining vehicle stability. Driver's signals. Positioning. Cornering. Overtaking. Driving on motorways and multi-lane carriageways. Emergency response.

  • DVSA Cardington Special Trainer

    I apply the Roadcraft "system" where relevant alongside the National Standard for Driver and Rider Training and Car and Light Van driving syllabus. The aim is for our students to become outstanding candidates for whichever driving test they may be taking, thus providing a very high chance of passing first time.

    Our students become drivers who ‘Think and Anticipate’, rather than reacting to situations as they occur, becoming safe and responsible drivers for life. Your safety depends on your awareness of what's happening around you, and your ability to control the position and speed of your vehicle relative to everything else on the road.

    To pass this test, you need to demonstrate the highest standards of driving. Your skills must be consistently displayed whilst driving on all types of road, including a motorway and a variety of road situations. You must be able to demonstrate a positive, courteous attitude and the ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle, safely, systematically and smoothly. You must show a high consistent driving competence based on concentration, effective observation, anticipation and planning.

  • The Diamond Elite Test - Pass

    Perhaps the most demanding driving qualification outside of the emergency services, the Diamond Elite Test proves you’ve got what it takes.
    This is aimed at drivers and professional driver trainers who want to take their driving or riding to the highest level. This means going beyond the Diamond Advanced Test and adding new elements such as commentary driving, was the perfect springboard on to opening up my career as a driver trainer.

  • Full Member Academy Road Safety GB.

    The Academy is the professional development arm of Road Safety GB. The Academy aspires to provide all practitioners engaged in road safety with training, support and guidance to develop and enhance the right tools and skills to deliver effective, evidence-led Road Safety interventions